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The 82nd Airborne
Division Association

South Florida Chapter

The South Florida Trooper
Online Newsletter of The South Florida Chapter of the 82nd Airborne Division Association
Volume Four, Issue 05 - November / December 2001

"America's Guard Of Honor"
Chartered By The US Congress
All The Way

Our Annual Elections and Picnic Meeting, September 8th, 2001, resulted in the following members being selected to serve as Officers and Directors for 2001/2002, following their installation on November 17th, 2001:

82nd Airborne Division Association, South Florida Chapter

Officers for 2001-2002

South Florida Chairman

Irv Weinsoff
600 NE 36th Street / PH 3
Miami FL 33137-3945
( Sylvia )


French Shannon
Post Office Box 551776
Fort Lauderdale FL 33355-1776
( Marie )


Robert V Niskanen
87425 Old Highway # 93
Islamorada FL 33036-3065
( Beverlee )

Judge Advocate

Don Moffett
32 Bunting Drive
Key Largo FL 33037-3003
( Phyllis )


Ed Meyers
Post Office Box 292134
Fort Lauderdale FL 33329-2134
( Lucille )

Past National President
and 2001/2002 Director
Jimmy Campillo
3444 SW 53rd Court
Fort Lauderdale FL 33312-5538
1-954-963-1454 ( Lucy )

Directors for 2001-2002

Joe Lanzillo
211 North 52nd Avenue
Hollywood FL 33021-3308
( Vera )

Ron Stirlacci
117 Lake Emerald Drive #303
Oakland Park FL 33309-6269
( Lydia )

Bob Wirt
Post Office Box 11280
Fort Lauderdale FL 33339-1280
( Bettye )

Frank Rivera
53 Bonefish Avenue
Key Largo FL 33037-4769
( Joan )

Jim Bono
722 NE 14th Avenue
Fort Lauderdale FL 33304-2834
( NoName )

Robert Buffington
2765 Garden Drive
Cooper City FL 33026-3605
( Helga )

Chapter Historian :

Beverlee Niskanen

Installation Dinner Reservations must be received No Later Than November 10th, 2001.
Call Bob Niskanen at 1-305-852-4272 or FAX 1-305-852-4716 - Don’ t Delay Do It Today !!

Next Regular Meeting - Tuesday, November 20th, 8PM, at the Fort Lauderdale VFW.

Officers and Directors INSTALLATION DINNER
Saturday, November 17th, 2001

Start planning now to attend our Annual Installation Dinner. Preparations are under way, and we need donations for door prizes.

Please contact the Banquet Chairman: Robert Niskanen at 1-305-852-4272

Reservations must be received No Later Than November 10th, 2001. This is our only social event where a jacket and tie are suggested. We will have our installation of officers and presentation of an award for Trooper of The Year.

There will be drawings for Door Prizes and a Basket Of Cheer. There'll be gifts for everyone and a great time will be had by all, as usual.

Come for cocktails and hors d'oeuvres @ 6:00; Dinner is served around 7:00;

Installation Ceremonies begin about 8:30.

Our Guest Speaker will be Lt Col Thomas Kula, recently assigned to SOCOM, Lt Col Kula was previously commander of the 307th Engineer Bn, 82nd Airborne Division, and is a current member of our South Florida Chapter.

See you November 17th at:
The Bavarian Village Restaurant
1401 North Federal Highway
Hollywood, Florida 33020-2896
Phone 1-954-922-7321

........... clip and mail .......... clip and mail .......... clip and mail .......... clip and mail ..........

Mail Check To: 82nd Abn Div Assoc So Fl Chapter, c/o Robert V Niskanen,
Banquet Chairman, Post Office Box 1034, Tavernier FL 33070-1034

Entree Desired How Many @ Cost Each Total Cost

Chicken Cordon Bleu ________ X $ 20.50 = $_____.__

Prime Rib Of Beef ________ X $ 23.00 = $_____.__

Fresh Salmon ________ X $ 20.50 = $_____.__

Weiner or Jaeger Schnitzel ________ X $ 23.00 = $_____.__

Dinner will be served with a fruit cup, a salad and an apple strudel for dessert.

Name _______________________ Address ___________________________

City _________________ State ___ Zip __________ Phone _______________

The 82nd Airborne Division Association Inc, South Florida Chapter,
Minutes of the October 16th Meeting;

Attendance: 11 Members;
Place: Fort Lauderdale VFW;
Time: 2000hrs;
Presiding Officer: Don Moffett;
Board Members Present: 5;
Call to Order by: Don Moffett @ 2010hrs;
Invocation: Lou Varrone;
Pledge: Don Moffett;
Treasurer’s Report: Submitted by Bob Niskanen, Approved by French Shannon, 2nd by Ed Meyers.

Membership Sign In: Bob Niskanen, Bob Buffington, Don Moffett, Reggie Colley, Jim Bono, French Shannon, Ed Meyers, Norman Gray, Herbert Hankerson, Ron Stirlacci, and Lou Varrone.

Booster Club Donations: Bob Niskanen, Bob Buffington, Ed Meyers, Don Moffett, Reggie Colley, James Bono, French Shannon, Herbert Hankerson, and Ron Stirlacci. Other members may have attended or donated but didn’t sign the rosters.

Correspondence: Letter from Gov. Bush declining invitation to attend 2002 All Fl Days; thanks From Bob Caron ( Ocala Chapter ) for our chapter’s support in his election to National Board of Directors.

Old Business: Discussed nomination of Don Moffett as Chairman of 2002 All Florida Days. Tabled Until next meeting. Don will negotiate lower prices with Fort Lauderdale Holiday Inn.

New Business:
1 ) French Shannon made a motion for $25.00 donation from the chapter for&Mac185; page ad for American Legion past commander’s ball. Motion seconded by Bob Niskanen and Ed Meyers.
2 ) Discussed chapter’s representation at 2001 All Florida Days - several members will be attending.
3 ) Don Moffett thanked troopers for attending parades.
4 ) Motion by Ron Stirlacci to remove 82d patch from ascot. Seconded by Bob Buffington.
5 ) Ron in process of ordering more patches, current vendor sells in bulk of 50 only and cost is $315.00. Motion by Bob Buffington to check with other sources, second by Ed Meyers. Tabled till next month after research.
6 ) New member signed up at meeting- Herbert ( Sarge ) Hankerson.
7 ) Bob Niskanen discussed membership. If membership card does not read 2002, it is delinquent. Membership runs from August to August, not January to January. Eighty–nine reminder letters were sent out - five of these renewed. We went back as far as 1996 to try to recover some members.
8 ) Bob Buffington will try to place ads for membership in free papers.
9 ) Bob Niskanen discussed our upcoming Installation Dinner, and the small response so far. Need reservations and donations for door prizes.
10 ) Norman Gray discussed newsletter. Need news for it and made a motion to have 30 minutes of each meeting dedicated to it. Motion was 2nd by Bob Buffington. Meeting adjourned: 2120hrs;
Respectfully submitted, Robert V Niskanen Secretary / Treasurer

Don't forget Our next regular meeting will be 8PM on Tuesday, November 20th, 2001, at the:

VFW Post 1966
350 SW 25th Street
Fort Lauderdale FL 33315-2616
Phone 954-765-0791

This meeting will be a planning session for the upcoming year's activities regarding meetings, picnics, newsletters and 16th Annual All Florida Days preparations. Every member has an interest in the results of this particular meeting as it will set the tone for all of 2002 Chapter activities. Be there and be heard - It's your business, not just someone else's.

Have You Paid Your 2002 Association Dues Yet?

If your membership card doesn't say 2002,
you haven't paid for this year.
Please send your check for $12.50 payable to:

82nd Abn Div Assoc So Fl Chapter
c/o Robert V Niskanen, Sec / Treas
Post Office Box 1034,
Tavernier FL 33070-1034

If you'd like to make it out for a little extra,
anything over the annual $12.50
will go directly to our
South Florida Chapter's BOOSTER FUND
... Thanks for your continued help and support!

The 82nd Airborne Division Association Inc, South Florida Chapter Color Guard, on Sunday, September 30th, 2001, Posted The Colors at a memorial affair for the Police and Firemen who gave their lives in the line of duty in New York. It was held at the new Key Largo Park. In attendance were Don Moffett, Frank Rivera, John Marlowe, Tony Altobell and Gus Vass.

On Sunday, October 7th, 2001, another affair and cookout for the Firemen and Police was held at American Outdoor Campground at MM97 in Key Largo. Those Color Guard members in attendance were Gus Vass, Frank Rivera, John Marlowe, Joe Lanzillo, Don Moffett and Bob Buffington.

Also, we received letters from Hialeah Triangle Park and Miami Lakes requesting we attend services and a march for Veterans Day on November 11th. We sent them a reply that we were already committed to marching at the Allied Veterans Association Parade in Miami from 11AM until about 1:30PM. All Color Guard and members are needed for this parade - the biggest one yet.

Reported by Don Moffett, Chairman

Veterans Day 2001 Honors Veterans, Old and New
November 5, 2001

WASHINGTON -- Veterans Day on this November 11 may find special security precautions at ceremonies around the country, with officials on heightened alert, but the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) will carry out its traditional activities with even more enthusiasm than usual. "America's new war against terrorists will make veterans of thousands more young people," Secretary of Veterans Affairs Anthony J. Principi said. "VA will be privileged to serve them, while we reach out to our oldest veterans who are facing their greatest need for VA services."

Principi will host the Veterans Day national observance at Arlington National Cemetery. He noted that the VA's Veterans Day Web site – – offers information for teachers, veterans who want to share their military experiences with students and anyone who may wish to tape veterans' accounts for a history project.

VA also is hosting a link on its main Web site to support President Bush's new campaign, called "Lessons of Liberty," to unite schools with veterans. The site carries educational material for veterans and teachers to help bring veterans to every school in America to recount their military experiences for students. It will let younger generations learn about the hardships, sacrifice and heroism of veterans and the price they have paid to preserve freedom. It links to information offered by veterans service organizations and educational organizations.

Volunteers at VA facilities nationwide have been enlisted to tape audio and video interviews with veterans of the wars spanning the 20th Century, from World War I to the Gulf War, for the Library of Congress' Veterans History Project. VA is also encouraging veterans service organizations to participate.

Congressional legislation created the project in October 2000 to collect the stories of war veterans through the American Folklife Center at the Library. Diaries, letters and photographs will be collected and preserved along with video and audio tapes.

A Veterans Day observance by the Department of Interior offers visitors to national parks free admission during the weekend of Nov. 10-12. Entrance fees will be waived to the nation's parks, monuments and memorials.

Submitted by Irv Weinsoff, Chairman Elect

War is an ugly thing, but not the ugliest of things: the decayed and degraded state of moral and patriotic feelings which thinks that nothing is worth war is much worse. A man who has nothing for which he is willing to fight: nothing he cares about more than his own personal safety: is a miserable creature who has no chance of being free, unless made and kept so by the exertions and blood of better men than himself." - John Stuart Mill

Submitted by Irv Weinsoff, Chairman Elect

Don't let the doves force us to lose again. Slap them down and spit them out if they talk treason, cowardice or retreat. Let the posse do its job. We can't hunker down and be run over by this mob. Give all the support you can to our leaders and we'll be OK. HOOAH.

Submitted by Irv Weinsoff, Chairman Elect

Hello Everyone,
As many of you know my son is a Cadet at the United States Air Force Academy. I received this today and I believe that it needs to be read and understood by every American ... Fred Finch

This was written by my academic advisor at the Academy. He was not only one of the most brilliant men I've ever met, but also an individual who combined that brilliance with common sense to lead others. His words are the ones that haven't been >heard yet but I believe will come to be true before we have the chance to recover from this initial tragedy.

From: Dr Tony Kern, Lt Col, USAF (Ret), 14 September, 2001
Recently, I was asked to look at the recent events through the lens of military history. I have joined the cast of thousands who have written an "open letter to Americans."

Dear friends and fellow Americans - Like everyone else in this great country, I am reeling from last week's attack on our sovereignty. But unlike some, I am not reeling from surprise. As a career soldier and a student and teacher of military history, I have a different perspective and I think you should hear it. This war will be won or lost by the American citizens, not diplomats, politicians or soldiers.

Let me briefly explain. In spite of what the media, and even our own government is telling us, this act was not committed by a group of mentally deranged fanatics. To dismiss them as such would be among the gravest of mistakes. This attack was committed by a ferocious, intelligent and dedicated adversary. Don't take this the wrong way. I don't admire these men and I deplore their tactics, but I respect their capabilities. The many parallels that have been made with the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor are apropos. Not only because it was a brilliant sneak attack against a complacent America, but also because we may well be pulling our new adversaries out of caves 30 years after we think this war is over, just like my father's generation had to do with the formidable Japanese in the years following WW II.

These men hate the United States with all of their being, and we must not underestimate the power of their moral commitment. Napoleon, perhaps the world's greatest combination of soldier and statesman, stated "the moral is to the physical as three is to one." Patton thought the Frenchman underestimated its importance and said moral conviction was five times more important in battle than physical strength. Our enemies are willing - better said anxious - to give their lives for their cause.

How committed are we America? And for how long?

In addition to demonstrating great moral conviction, the recent attack demonstrated a mastery of some of the basic fundamentals of warfare taught to most military officers worldwide, namely simplicity, security and surprise. When I first heard rumors that some of these men may have been trained at our own Air War College, it made perfect sense to me. This was not a random act of violence, and we can expect the same sort of military competence to be displayed in the battle to come. This war will escalate, with a good portion of it happening right here in the good ol' U.S. of A.

These men will not go easily into the night. They do not fear us. We must not fear them. In spite of our overwhelming conventional strength as the world's only "superpower" (a truly silly term), we are the underdog in this fight. As you listen to the carefully scripted rhetoric designed to prepare us for the march for war, please realize that America is not equipped or seriously trained for the battle ahead. To be certain, our soldiers are much better than the enemy, and we have some excellent "counter-terrorist" organizations, but they are mostly trained for hostage rescues, airfield seizures, or the occasional "body snatch," (which may come in handy). We will be fighting a war of annihilation, because if their early efforts are any indication, our enemy is ready and willing to die to the last man. Eradicating the enemy will be costly and time consuming. They have already deployed their forces in as many as twenty countries, and are likely living the lives of everyday citizens. Simply put, our soldiers will be tasked with a search and destroy mission on multiple foreign landscapes, and the public must be patient and supportive until the strategy and tactics can be worked out.

For the most part, our military is still in the process of redefining itself and presided over by men and women who grew up with - and were promoted because they excelled in - Cold War doctrine, strategy and tactics. This will not be linear warfare, there will be no clear "centers of gravity" to strike with high technology weapons. Our vast technological edge will certainly be helpful, but it will not be decisive. Perhaps the perfect metaphor for the coming battle was introduced by the terrorists themselves aboard the hijacked aircraft -- this will be a knife fight, and it will be won or lost by the ingenuity and will of citizens and soldiers, not by software or smart bombs. We must also be patient with our military leaders.

Unlike Americans who are eager to put this messy time behind us, our adversaries have time on their side, and they will use it. They plan to fight a battle of attrition, hoping to drag the battle out until the American public loses its will to fight. This might be difficult to believe in this euphoric time of flag waving and patriotism, but it is generally acknowledged that America lacks the stomach for a long fight. We need only look as far back as Vietnam, when North Vietnamese General Vo Nguyen Giap (also a military history teacher) defeated the United States of America without ever winning a major tactical battle.

American soldiers who marched to war cheered on by flag waving Americans in 1965 were reviled and spat upon less than three years later when they returned. Although we hope that Osama bin Laden is no Giap, he is certain to understand and employ the concept. We can expect not only large doses of pain like the recent attacks, but! also less audacious "sand in the gears" tactics, ranging from livestock infestations to attacks at water supplies and power distribution facilities.

These attacks are designed to hit us in our "comfort zone" forcing the average American to "pay more and play less" and eventually eroding our resolve. But it can only work if we let it. It is clear to me that the will of the American citizenry - you and I - is the center of gravity the enemy has targeted. It will be the fulcrum upon which victory or defeat will turn. He believes us to be soft, impatient, and self-centered. He may be right, but if so, we must change.

The Prussian general Carl von Clausewitz, (the most often quoted and least read military theorist in history), says that there is a "remarkable trinity of war" that is composed of the (1) will of the people, (2) the political leadership of the government, and (3) the chance and probability that plays out on the field of battle, in that order. Every American citizen was in the crosshairs of last Tuesday's attack, not just those that were unfortunate enough to be in the World Trade Center or Pentagon. The will of the American people will decide this war. If we are to win, it will be because we have what it takes to persevere through a few more hits, learn from our! mistakes, improvise, and adapt. If we can do that, we will eventually prevail.

Everyone I've talked to In the past few days has shared a common frustration, saying in one form or another "I just wish I could do something!" You are already doing it. Just keep faith in America, and continue to support your President and military, and the outcome is certain. If we fail to do so, the outcome is equally certain. God Bless America.

Dr Tony Kern, Lt Col, USAF (Ret) Former Director of Military History, USAF Academy

Honor Guard of The 82nd Airborne Division
Association Inc, South Florida Chapter

If you’d like to serve on the Honor Guard and
show the colors at various functions, contact

Ron Stirlacci at 1-954-730-0773
or Gus Vass at 1-954-989-2831

We can always use an extra trooper or two (or more)
to fill out our roster and make it to the various parades
or memorial activities when other members may not be
able to attend, to keep the ranks closed and our colors flying.

Upcoming Airborne Activities - For Your Information

Here are some activities of regional and national interest which you may be interested in attending.
More info ...

Veterans Day Activities

Washington, DC
November 8-11, 2001
Frank Varelli 1-301-899-7431

56th Annual National Convention

Norfolk, VA
August 20-23, 2002
Laurence Bragg 1-757-622-6411

16th Annual All Florida Days

Fort Lauderdale, FL
September (dates uncertain) 2002
Irv Weinsoff 1-305-573-1666

Got An AIRBORNE Activity You'd Like Everyone To Know About ?

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Sick Call Notifications

If anyone knows of South Florida Chapter members who are ill or have died (these conditions are not necessarily connected, but certainly do occur in that order) please send the notifications to us via e-mail in care of both:

Chapter Chaplain - Joe Guilbert

Chapter WebMaster - Bob Wirt

For an illness, we'll need to know contact information about where cards may be sent or phone calls made, and what condition has knocked the Trooper low. In the case of a death, please provide some specific details or a link to the local newspaper's obituary so we can access it for the other Troopers who may not have known.

Thanks - AIRBORNE ! - Bob Wirt, Newsletter Editor / WebMaster

OnLine Roster : Some troopers who are online have their e-mail addresses published in The South Florida Trooper News Letter so that other Airborne Troopers can more easily maintain contact with them, and they are:

Jim Battaglia

Robert Buffington

Herb Bunch

Jimmy Campillo

Chris Collins

Barry Dearden

John Desormeau

Patrick Devine

Captain Laura M Foglesong

Jean-Marie Funke

Brian Gehling

Norman J. Gray

Joe Guilbert

Jimmy Harrison

Al Hernandez

Angel R Jerez

Lt Col Thomas Kula

Joe Lanzillo

Larry Marks

Ted W Mauzey

Laren Melton

Edward Meyers

Don Moffett

Robert V. Niskanen

Joseph J Pappacoda ( Secretary )

Peter Portilla

Frank Rivera

French Shannon Jr

Leonard Sikora

Thomas Skrzyniecki

Ron Stirlacci

Jack Sullivan

Terry Watts

Phil Webb

Irv Weinsoff

Bob Wirt

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50th Anniversary Commemoration Parachute Jump
with The Phantom Airborne Brigade
and The Rakkasans - Russ Brambi, Secretary
Reported by: Ron Stirlacci
Click Here to see the Text and Photos about this Parachute Drop

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Membership Application The South Florida Chapter 82nd Airborne Division Association
Telephone Number
( ________ ) _________-__________________
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Enclosed is $12.50, my membership dues for the year 2000, subscription to PARAGLIDE & Newsletter included.




_______________ 9-digit Zip


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Present Occupation
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Chapter Preference
New Members MUST include a copy of official proof of
either glider or airborne military qualification & service.
Mail Check payable to:
82nd Abn Div So FL Chapter
Robert V Niskanen, Secretary/Treasurer
Post Office Box 1034
Tavernier FL 33070-1034
Phone: 1-305-852-4272

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