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The 82nd Airborne
Division Association

South Florida Chapter

The South Florida Trooper
Online Newsletter of The South Florida Chapter of the 82nd Airborne Division Association
Volume Two, Issue 11 - November / December 2000

"America's Guard Of Honor"
Chartered By The US Congress
All The Way

The OCTOBER Meeting at Fort Lauderdale VFW Post

The Regular Monthly Meeting at VFW Post 1966 on Tuesday, October 17th was pretty well attended, but of course we can always use more members at the meetings. Planning for the upcoming Officers and Directors Installation Dinner was discussed and details finalized. The Dinner is Saturday November 18th, 2000. Cocktails and hors d'oeuvres at 6:00; Dinner is served around 7:00; the Installation Ceremonies will begin about 8:30. Reservations must be received No Later Than November 11, 2000.

Members Attending the October meeting were:
Bob Niskanen, Jimmy Campillo, Stu Franke, Ron Stirlacci, Don Moffett, Lou Varrone, Joe Lanzillo, Jim DeMatteo, Bob Wirt, Joe Pappacoda, and French Shannon - plus those who didn’t sign the list.

Booster Club Donations were registered at the meeting from:
Stu Franke, Don Moffett, Bob Niskanen, Jimmy Campillo, Ron Stirlacci, Jim DeMatteo, Leonard Rosenthal, Bob Wirt, Joe Pappacoda, Stanley Pressley and the WWII Glider Pilots Association. Thanks! Your generous support is greatly appreciated. Your donations help pay for the food and drink at the picnics and some of the cost of publishing both our newsletter and website.

Don't forget Our next regular meeting will be 8PM on Tuesday, January 16th, 2001, at the:

VFW Post 1966
350 SW 25th Street
Fort Lauderdale FL 33315-2616
Phone 954-765-0791

Officers and Directors INSTALLATION DINNER Saturday, November 18th, 2000

Start planning now to attend our Annual Installation Dinner. Preparations are under way, and we need donations for door prizes. Please contact the Banquet Chairman: Robert Niskanen at 1-305-852-4272

This is our only social event where a jacket and tie are suggested.

We will have our installation of officers and presentation of an award for Trooper of The Year. There will be drawings for Door Prizes and a Basket Of Cheer. There'll be gifts for everyone and a great time will be had by all, as usual.

Reservations must be received by the banquet chairman No Later Than November 11, 2000.

Come for cocktails and hors d'oeuvres at 6:00; Dinner is served around 7:00; Installation Ceremonies, not-too-boring speeches and bad-to-worse jokes begin about 8:30.

Hope to see you November 18th at:

The Bavarian Village Restaurant
1401 North Federal Highway, Hollywood, Florida 33020-2896
Phone 1-954-922-7321

Have You Paid Your 2000-2001 Association Dues Yet?

If your membership card doesn't say `01, you haven't paid for this year. Please send your check for $12.50 payable to:

82nd Abn Div Assoc So Fl Chapter
c/o Robert V Niskanen, Secretary
87425 Old Highway #10
Islamorada FL 33036-3054

If you'd like to make it out for a little extra, anything over the annual $12.50 will go directly to our Chapter's Booster Fund ... Thanks for your continued help and support!

50th Anniversary Commemoration Parachute Jump
with The Phantom Airborne Brigade
and The Rakkasans - Russ Brambi, Secretary

Reported by: Ron Stirlacci

On 19 October 1950, three battalions of the 187th Regimental Combat Team
made a combat jump into Suchon-Sukson, Korea
They lost 442 men, sustaining 1,656 casualties.

On 19 October 2000, nineteen former active duty paratroopers
jumped at Zephyrhills FL, commemorating that jump.
Out of the Nineteen, five were members of the
South Florida Chapter of the 82nd Airborne Division Association.
The aircraft we jumped is called a CASA, similar to a C-123.
We tail-gaited it and they were three great jumps!

Gus Vass and I made three jumps, Steve Mueller and Chris Watson made two,
French Shannon, who arrived late, made one.
We used a Set-10 parachute, a modified T-10 canopy with steering toggles and gores missing from the rear to give it an eight mph forward speed.
If you land into the wind it makes for a soft landing.

Jumpers From The 82nd Airborne Divison Association, South Florida Chapter

L to R: French Shannon, So Fl Chapter and Don Wright,
one of the original Jumpers on Suchon-Sukson

L to R: Gus Vass, French Shannon, Ron Stirlacci, Chris Watson and Steve Mueller

All Florida Airborne Days

The 14th Annual All Florida Airborne Days was held in Jacksonville FL October 19-21, 2000. In attendence from the So Fl Chapter was Chairman Don Moffett and his wife Phyllis and Secretary Bob Niskanen and his wife Beverlee.

Our hosts were the Fred H Brown Chapter, which has a membership of 49. We had a great time with fellowship, renewing old friendships and making new ones. Approximately 160 people attended, some of which were from out of state.

At the general meeting, President Beekman, Executive Director Manny DeJesus and several members of the board of directors discussed future All Florida Days. The Orlando Chapter reluctantly accepted for 2001 and it was brought up from the floor as to why the So Fl Chapter, which has the largest membership in Florida, could not host the function. At that time our Chairman and Secretary, after some discussion, agreed to host the event in 2002.

Honor Guard of The 82nd Airborne Division Association Inc, South Florida Chapter

Consists of: Gus Vass, Tony Altobel, Steve Mueller, Jim Bono, Joe Lanzillo, Milt Azarkan, Don Moffett, and Ron Stirlacci. If you’d like to serve on the Honor Guard and show the colors at various functions, contact Ron Stirlacci at 1-954-730-0773 or Gus Vass at 1-954-989-2831. We can always use an extra trooper or two ( or more ) to fill out our roster and make it to the various parades or memorial activities when other members may not be able to attend, to keep the ranks closed and our colors flying.

The Allied Veterans Association Inc, Presents The First Annual Armistice Day Parade, Miami, FL USA, Sunday, November 12th, 2000, 12:45PM assembly through the 4:00PM service at Trinity Cathedral. The parade begins at Biscayne Boulevard and Biscayne Boulevard Way ( four blocks south of Flagler ) and ends at the Trinity Cathedral. For further details contact Reginald Colley: Phone 1-954-456-5396; FAX 1-954-455-8648.

The Color Guard of The 82nd Airborne Division Association Inc, South Florida Chapter
will march in a Veterans’ Day Parade on Saturday, November 11th. Assembly is 9:30AM at the Triangle Park Veterans Memorial at the corner of 3rd Street and Palm Avenue in Hialeah. Please contact Ron Stirlacci at 1-954-730-0773 or, Gus Vass at 1-954-989-2831, if you can participate or if you just wish to attend and want further information on the event. We need all of our Honor Guard members to march in this one.

The Triangle Park Parade is a function of the Veterans Organization and the Hialeah Board of Veterans Affairs, 300 East 1st Avenue, Hialeah FL 33010-4897, The City Of Hialeah, the JROTC of Hialeah High School and the JROTC of Miami Springs High School. Direct contact may be made with Ray Rivera, Boardmember 1-305-883-6970/71.

Our South Florida Chapter Color Guard will also march with a four man contingent on Friday, November 10th, for the Annual Massing of the Colors in Coral Gables FL, 997 North Greenway Drive. Meet at the first hole of the Country Club Golf Course at 3:30PM; Lineup at 4:00 for the Posting Of The Colors. There may be a buffet afterwards.

This is a function sponsored by
The Retired Officers Association and the Military Order of World Wars. Our 82nd Airborne So Fl Color Guard will perform in the lead position. Please contact Ron Stirlacci at 1-954-730-0773 or, Gus Vass at 1-954-989-2831, if you can participate or if you just wish to attend and want further information on the event.

You may also contact:

TROA - Florida Gold Coast Chapter, PO Box 144042, Coral Gables FL 33114-4042
directly through their Chapter President:
Nick Lamis Jr, Major, USAF-Ret: at work 1-305-569-3435; or at home 1-305-235-6573.

The Color Guard of The 82nd Airborne Division Association Inc, South Florida Chapter
will also participate at these functions:

South Miami Christmas Parade, Be at the South Miami City Hall, 6130 Sunset Drive (72nd Street) at 62nd Avenue December 3rd at 1PM.

YOM HASHOAH Holocaust Memorial - Miami Beach - Wednesday, December 6th. There is a Dinner Dance for the Holocaust Memorial 20th Anniversary celebration where our Color Guard will present the colors.

Meet at 7PM at the Hilton Resort Fontainebleau Hotel, 4441 Collins Avenue, Miami Beach FL 1-305-538-2000.

Veterans Day Service Friday, November 10th at 10AM. We need at least four members of the Color Guard to meet at 1650 NE 16th Avenue, North Miami Beach. There will be food served by the sponsors.

Our Sincere Thanks and Appreciation to Norman J Gray who has spent countless hours and several years compiling and publishing our Newsletter for us. Norm is leaving South Florida for the outer banks of North Carolina where he has plans to restore the family homestead at Cape Hatteras NC to its former glory. Norm plans to remain a member of our South Florida Chapter - you don’t escape that easily Norm - and we look forward to visits from time to time and certainly hope to continue receiving articles or other contributions to our Newsletter / WebSite, as he will be in closer proximity to Fort Bragg than any of us, and should be able to keep us posted on the latest from home.

Norm and his wife Marneen have been virtually indispensable in keeping the food cooking and the soda pop flowing at our regular picnic meetings. We’re going to need several volunteers to pick up the slack and help out where needed at future functions. Norm and Marneen for years opened their home to the Chapter for regular meetings, an act of hospitality which everyone has to agree was above and beyond the call of duty. Please let us know if you can barbecue, cook or otherwise assist as they’ll be difficult to replace. After all guys, we can’t leave Beverlee Niskanen to do ALL the work - can we?

Many Thanks To Ron Stirlacci and Gus Vass for representing our 82nd Airborne Division Association South Florida Chapter in the Posting Of The Colors at the recent World War II Glider Pilots’ Reunion which was held at the Embassy Suites Hotel in Fort Lauderdale on September 29th at 8:30AM. For those who are interested in participating in Honor Guard activities, Don Moffett, 1-305-453-9991, has a few uniforms belonging to the Chapter which are available, and any help you can give will be appreciated..

Got An Airborne Activity You'd Like Everyone To Know About?

We plan to use the South Florida Chapter WebSite to keep in closer contact and allow for more frequent updates of information regarding Chapter activities and functions.

Contact our new WebMaster / Newsletter Editor (Bob Wirt) and be sure to send your article or announcement by SnailMail to PO Box 11280, Fort Lauderdale FL 33339-1280; or FAX to 1-954-565-5922; or e-mail (preferred)

The online WebSite as well as our Snail-Mail Newsletter are only as useful as you make them. If you have a Chapter activity you'd like to announce, please e-mail the particulars in advance so we can get the word out to everyone:

click here to Contact Our WebMaster and send your article or announcement

If you know of other Chapters' operations or functions which are open to our troopers and would like to pass the word along, send that information as well. Please include dates, addresses and phone numbers plus the contact individuals so we can ensure the word we pass along is complete and correct. We'll do our best to get your announcement onto the WebSite and into the Newsletter so you'll get the most member involvement and best turnout possible.

OnLine Roster : Some troopers who are online have their e-mail addresses published in The South Florida Trooper News Letter so that other Airborne Troopers can more easily maintain contact with them, and they are:

Jim Battaglia

Robert Buffington

Herb Bunch

Jimmy Campillo

John Desormeau

Patrick Devine

Captain Laura M G Foglesong

Jean-Marie Funke

Norman J. Gray

Joe Guilbert

Jimmy Harrison

Al Hernandez

Angel R Jerez

Joe Lanzillo

Larry Marks

Ted W Mauzey

Laren Melton

Edward Meyers

Don Moffett

Robert V. Niskanen (Secretary)

Joseph J Pappacoda

Peter Portilla

French Shannon Jr

Leonard Sikora

Thomas Skrzyniecki

Ron Stirlacci

Jack Sullivan

Terry Watts

Phil Webb

Irv Weinsoff

Bob Wirt

If any others are interested in joining our e-mail group please let us know by sending your current e-mail address, preferably on-line, to:

Also, we plan to offer members personal page links from our domain for some nominal annual fee, which funds would go into our Booster Club to help cover online site costs. To see what a sample personal page might look like, click on the name Bob Wirt but keep in mind that your Webmaster just got carried away with his, not knowing when to stop posting stuff.

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Chapter Preference
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either glider or airborne military qualification & service.

Mail Check payable to: 82nd Abn Div So FL Chapter

ATTENTION OF: Robert V Niskanen, Secretary
87425 Old Highway # 10, Islamorada FL 33036-3054 Phone: 1-305-852-4272 or

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